Sissy Sex Slave

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Sissy Sex Slave
Mistress Lexi Sindel takes a particularly perverse joy at sissifying men by making them feel like dirty birdies while she dominates them. Her first subject emerges from a wooden box and is put in a stainless steel cock cage and is made to sit on a chair with a dildo emerging from the seat.

In short order, he’s transformed into quite a feminine subject in a dress, high heels and makeup. He’s trained to walk in high heels and then meets the business end of a fucking machine while attached to a spreader bar.

Next, her little sissy boy gets an inflatable butt plug stuck up “her” ass and gets a wardrobe change into a tartan skirt with a shirt that reads “Sissy Slut Loves Cock.” Perfect. The movie gets a little slow here, particularly when our little sissy gets handcuffed in a bathroom next to a sign that reads “$5 blow jobs.” Her partner’s cock stays soft for almost the entire scene and even when it gets hard, it’s pretty tiny. Nary a word, grunt or moan is exchanged between the pair. I guess that’s how dicks are sucked in bathrooms.

Other footage includes an enema scene that’s pretty tame with the sissy dressed in a geisha outfit followed by a fuck session that lasts a only a couple minutes before we go back to some cocksucking.

I know the intent of this movie, but its so slow paced only hardcore devotees of sissy training will find it redeeming. Too bad we don’t get to see dom Jade Madison get fucked.


Get ready to suck sissy slut. Join us for real sissy slut training! She makes him her Sissy Sex Slave forever.

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