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“I strive tirelessly to be authentic and genuine. Being a cam model is different than other professions. We are as much personalities as we are appearances.” — DAVE SLICK 2017 XBIZ BEST MALE CAM MODEL I began writing web copy for a couple of different businesses overseas. I realized the potential that existed within this industry, and ventured to learn some more about it and the opportunities that existed within it. Realizing there was minimal risk and that I had so little to lose at that point in time, I decided to try webcam modeling. I had no friends or associates who knew the slightest about it, and was forced to resort to blogs to educate myself. I did well in the beginning, but it was always meant to be temporary. My ambitions laid outside of the adult industry and I saw cam- ming as a means to an end. In time all that began to change. The business I thought would make me happy, in financial services, was not leaving me fulfilled. At the same time, I began to look at my side venture as a career. Work- ing in adult entertainment held serious long-term potential, and I loved it. After I embraced it as my path in life, all the most wonderful things followed. I’ve met with more success than I could have ever imagined doing this. XBIZ: points? Describe nutshell. the “Dave are Slick” your brand, unique in a What selling SLICK: energy The always to answer evolving, brand to this and is question devote is a I lot I of time and it. My everything. often tell people that everything I do has a reason. This is the truth. I have not always done everything perfectly, but every little decision I make factors into how it might impact my brand or how it’s perceived. First, and this is unchanging, I strive tirelessly to be authentic and genuine. Being a cam model is different than other professions. We are as much personalities as we are appearances. I am not per- fect, and know being perfect is unrealistic. But I do know that I can live a life of integrity and respect- ability. How I live my life has everything to do with my brand. I try to do my best and treat people well. I try to show compassion and help those in need. I also live a lifestyle that I’m both proud of and grate- ful for. I have an appreciation for the nicer things in life, as in active addiction I had none. One person described my brand to me once as “aspirational.” That is one of my favorite words to describe it. I hope that I am able to show people on a large scale just how much can be accomplished in life, in seemingly the most unconventional of means. identifies XBIZ: you cater As bisexual, a to cam your what model diverse is who your audience base mem- like? as fan How do bers, or are you just universally appealing? SLICK: fan base So, would is if comprised go we say that by no the of less men. numbers, than There 90 I per- are cent of my naturally some women, but female users generally make up a small portion of the traffic for webcams. Fittingly, I cater to that male audience. My duo or SEE SLICK, PAGE 84 AUGUST 2017 XBIZ WORLD 53