Wet Flavored Raspberry Pomegranate Lubricant

Trigg Labs
Wet Flavored Raspberry Pomegranate Lubricant
Wet Flavored Raspberry Pomegranate Lubricant is so good I could use it as an ice cream or topping. I tried rubbing it on the skin and waiting to see if the flavor would change, as well as tasting it right from the bottle. Both tastings were delicious. It had no chemically taste or smell, no bitter aftertaste, and the texture didn’t leave a weird feeling in my mouth. Like other Wet lubricants this one is non-staining, safe for use with all my pleasure toys, and smells just like real fruit. I can’t wait to hide a few dots here and there and allow my partner to find them.

Market Appeal

Wet Flavored Raspberry Pomegranate Lubricant by Trigg Labs is available in a 3.5 oz bottle. It comes in an eye-catching purple and white bottle that allows the buyer to see the flavor (from the pomegranate picture) without having to search for it on the bottle. If pomegranate is not your fruit flavor of choice there are several other flavors to choose from. Some of these flavors come in various sizes, including a flight friendly 1.5oz size (for those looking to join the mile high club). The bottle indicates to users that the product is sugar-free and hypoallergenic, which is always a plus.

Product Description:

Whether it’s you or your lover that enjoys licking toes and feet, you can be sure to be confident when kicking off those sexy high heels and make it a slippery time with Wet Flavored Kiwi Strawberry Lubricant. Foot fetishes are the most commonly recognized sexual fetish, so you are not alone there! Sensually massage the lube on and enjoy licking off that fun kiwi Strawberry flavored lubricant. You’ll be glad you tried it because Wet® Flavored™ Gel Lubricants taste like real fruit with no bitter aftertaste. They are silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, and latex friendly. Pour them on toes or anyplace else for a tasty treat! Feels Delicious!® Now kosher! If Kiwi Strawberry is not your flavor, try our Passionate Fruit Punch, Raspberry Pomegranate, Wild Blueberry, Sweet Cherry or Juicy Watermelon.
Antonia Hunt