Third World Media Ignites ‘Rice Rockets’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media continues its expansion into the gay adult market with the release of “Rice Rockets.” The all-male film featuring Japanese performers was released September 15.

The seven newcomers in the cast are Daisaku, Jin Sawaki, Seiji, Doctor Shiratori, Susumu, Takashi and Yuto. Third World described them as “faster and more furious than ‘Speed Racer,’ smoother than ‘Tokoyo Drift,’ and harder than carbon fiber.”

The DVD release includes bonus footage featuring the models “showering up and washing off, in-depth interviews of the guys as they’re getting blown,” and a featurette titled “Kiss Overdrive” that includes “extra clips of passionate oral and deep kissing.”

“Rice Rockets” follows the recent release of “Tight Latin Manholes.”

Studio contract director Ed Hunter said he is “on a personal quest to bring the company in touch with the gay community.”

“Ed Hunter hit the ground running and feels the pulse of our consumer’s desires,” said Third World Media President Steve Scott.

“I don’t stifle Ed’s creativity,” Scott added. “He knows how to produce the content our company needs to keep us cutting edge and hot. Just wait ‘til you see ‘Foreskin Frenzy,’ his newest film hitting stores in November.”

Apart from occasional Thai imports, all-Asian adult movies are rarely seen in the gay or straight market. Films featuring Japanese performers are more scarce.

Third World Media was founded in 1999 as Asian Eyes Pictures with a focus on Asian and Latin titles for the heterosexual market.