Terpon, Pineapple Support on Shared Mission for Model Wellness

Terpon, Pineapple Support on Shared Mission for Model Wellness

LOS ANGELES — Trailblazing VR cam company Terpon has become the newest sponsor of Pineapple Support, backing its mission to provide outreach and assistance for performers who may be dealing with difficult moments in their lives.

According to the company, Pineapple Support provides outreach and support services to adult industry professionals in distress. The service came about due to continuing news of tragic events involving stars who met their demise far too early in life, sparking outrage in many, and now resulting in a simple way for anyone interested to become part of the solution.

“We went to several shows seeking new strategic partners and to scale up the business we are already doing with some of our existing points of contact,” says Terpon CEO Jean-Claude Artonne. “What I didn’t expect was to find an organization like Pineapple with such a worthy cause backed by a truly ambitious team of people who really want to make a big difference in the lives of many of the models who may decide to use Terpon cameras. I intend to have Terpon’s resources included in the work they are doing.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Terpon to the Pineapple family,” says Pineapple Support CEO Leya Tanit. “With their high ethical standards and goal to work directly with leading models, working together to ensure the best care and support for everyone in need is a great feeling, and I believe this will be a perfect partnership once our U.S. legal filings are finally confirmed.”

Pineapple Support is currently a registered charity in the United Kingdom and is presently filing for similar status in the United States, with services being provided to performers via online emotional text support and subsidized therapy sessions.

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