Mobius Payments Rebrands as MobiusPay

Mobius Payments Rebrands as MobiusPay

LOS ANGELES — Mobius Payments has announced a major update to its website, revamping its appearance and providing enhanced mobile functionality, along with a rebrand to a shorter name, MobiusPay.

According to the company, as the 21st century progresses, people have come to expect that their needs and desires are met faster than at any time in history, driving this update in an effort to provide clients with streamlined service and quicker responses to their questions.

“Our research has shown that not only is our website usually the first contact that we have with a potential client, but there is a very good chance that this potential client is viewing our site via a tablet or other mobile device,” MobiusPay CEO Mia Zhu explains. “We decided that it was important that not only was mobile friendly, but we had to ensure the client’s questions were answered — the site redesign delivers answers these questions using video and enhanced product information.”

“Mobius Payments has been around for almost 10 years and needed a makeover so we updated our visual elements with a new look and feel,” Zhu says, adding, “[so] shortening our name to MobiusPay just made sense.”

While the name may have changed, the experience and services have not. MobiusPay continues to provide high-risk merchant activation; domestic and international processing as well as helping people and businesses navigate payment strategies through their digital infrastructure by providing secure end-to-end, fast, easy and reliable merchant systems to receive electronic payments online.

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