Studio 20 Opens Live Cam House in Timisoara, Romania

TIMISOARA, Romania — A new Studio 20 franchise was opened this week in Timisoara.

This new glamour live cam studio operates in more than 700 square meters, providing 100 work posts and glamour lounge spaces.

With the Timisoara location now open in Marasti Square, Studio 20 new includes four operations, including its flagship in Bucharest.

“Three years ago, when I had the idea of a global live cam franchise in a country as Romania, where this kind of job was done mostly on the illegal side of the employment market, I foresaw a great success of all locations in a legal and open business, and now it's already happening," said Robert Vanderty, Studio 20 franchise manager.

Alina Toma, owner and manager of Timisoara franchise, said the company invested in the latest technology, concepts and decorations “that take you to a fairytale land but, most important, we invested in a professional team that provides permanent assistance and support to the models.”

“We created a very pleasant and relaxing work environment to excel together and we did it in the Studio 20 network because is the worldwide best live cam studio and Studio 20 Timisoara is, starting today, the biggest, the fanciest and the best performing live cam studio studio located in Banat and all western Romania," Toma said.

Studio 20 started up in January 2014 and has signed up one franchise after another, Vanderty said.

He said that a Los Angeles Studio 20 franchise, located in the middle of Hollywood, is next to open this summer. The company also is in negotiations with investors from Colombia, Hungary and Czech Republic.