Sportsheets Unveils New ‘Sex & Mischief’ Sales Support Tools

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets has released new black-and-white footage for its Digital Video Frames (DVFs), or what the company is calling "a must-have merchandising tool" that retailers around the world use to promote the latest offerings from the top-selling brand.

The new video showcases the award-winning Sex & Mischief collection of BDSM-inspired restraints, apparel and accessories with sultry and sophisticated imagery.

Sportsheets’ DVFs have become an essential part of its plan-o-gram display system by highlighting the selling points of the Sex & Mischief collection’s restraint and positioning tools and the sexy accessories that match the set. This latest footage features high-fashion models wearing and using the collars, floggers, blindfolds and restraint straps to clearly show shoppers the features and benefits behind each must-have product.

“Our Digital Video Frames are quite popular among our retail supporters in the U.S. and across Europe, as they are an effective visual sales tool that doesn’t require sound or language translations,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart said. “One look at our new footage and shoppers can’t take their eyes off of the sexy and stylish imagery no matter what sexual lifestyle they lead. Our DVFs peak customers’ curiosity, answer their questions, and inspire purchases — and retailers’ skyrocketing sales numbers can prove it!”

Sportsheets recently celebrated the first anniversary of the Sex & Mischief collection, which has been featured as an easy-to-use, non-threatening, and fun-to-try series of intimate products showcased in premium packaging for mass consumer appeal.

From Businessweek magazine to ABC’s hit “The View,” Sex & Mischief has created a buzz in the mainstream media and beyond, helping to transform a product category that was once too taboo for TV, according to Sportsheets.

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