Depth Family Entertainment Releases ‘Anacondas and Lil’ Mamas 4’

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — John E. Depth’s Depth Entertainment Family has released “Anacondas and Lil’ Mamas 4: The Naughty Nurse Edition.”

The movie stars Austin Taylor, Andi Anderson and Jada Stevens in interracial action, as well as Melrose Foxxx and Renee Kisses.

"Serpents in hospitals are nothing new — the caduceus is a very phallic symbol of two snakes and a staff, after all — but they've never run wild like they do in this movie," Depth said. "'Anacondas and Lil' Mamas 4' has something for every guy: women dressed up in sexy white nurse's uniforms, big boobs and nymphos. None of those gets old."

For sales, contact (818) 292-4490 or (800) 584-2960.