Missouri Bill Proposes Porn Blockers, $20 Unblock Fee

Missouri Bill Proposes Porn Blockers, $20 Unblock Fee

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another porn tax bill has found its way into life.

A Missouri lawmaker has proposed a familiarly titled piece of legislation — the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Act — that would force sellers of mobile devices and computers to put porn-blocking software on devices.

If users 18 and older wanted access to sexually explicit content, they could pay a one-time deactivation fee, according to the bill, HB 2422, sponsored by state Rep. Jim Neely.

Neely’s bill also asks for a call center or website for obscene material to be reported.

The Missouri measure now goes before a state House committee, and if it passes it will go before the whole House.

Missouri is the 18th most-populous state in the union with 6 million residents.

Last week, a new Rhode Island bill was introduced that would charge a $20 fee on state residents.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently posted a letter than opposes similar legislation in 15 or more states. Read it here.