Q&A: LiviaChoice Embraces Grand Camming Destiny

Q&A: LiviaChoice Embraces Grand Camming Destiny

LiviaChoice fashions her fate, decides her destiny and lives her choice — namely, embracing the multi-faceted camming industry on every level, from perfecting performances to addressing academia.

As scholarly as she is seductive, the ImLive-exclusive cam model harnesses her hard-earned PhD savvy, as well as her tremendously popular camming platform, to forge powerful social bonds across numerous channels.

I truly believe there’s no professional success without personal satisfaction as well. My reviews and ratings are just a consequence of the way I live my job: like a career that expresses my artistic side, respecting my limits and mental health, living my sexual fantasies of being watched and desired and treating it as an exercise in building my self-esteem. -LiviaChoice

Whether fans flock to her live shows, where she commands nearly 1,500 five-star reviews, or industry insiders bask in her brilliant seminars at international business summits, LiviaChoice has a vivacious intensity.

She is on a mission. Camming, to her, is nothing less than a higher calling. She sees with crystal clarity, the paradoxical disconnect that afflicts an internet-linked populace, as entire generations engage with one another at a distance, courtesy of flickering screens and digital communication.

Enter the camming industry, where sexual healing abounds. If LiviaChoice has her way, bodies and souls across the globe will be drawn together with an unprecedented degree of intimacy, thanks to a deeper understanding of the human condition.

That is why XBIZ has crowned the exemplary camming savant its Cam Star of the Month. Behold, her wisdom and philosophical glory!

XBIZ: You’ve worked for six years in the live cam industry, and spent twice as much time studying. How do you maintain a balanced lifestyle, with so many responsibilities?

LiviaChoice: My life is full of responsibility, but I feel happy to be dedicating my time to something that I truly believe can make a difference in the world. My grandmother could not work or study. On the other hand, my mother not only studied, but also worked at the same time. This happened because someone fought for this right and one generation later, my mom was the beneficiary.

Today, all women work and study freely — to an extent. For example, the following phrase still sounds completely strange in our society: “What do I want to be when I grow up? A cam girl!” Being a cam girl is still a social taboo, I believe, by the way the job is marketed and sold and by the lack of any scientific study.

That is why I am dedicating my life, on a platform with ethical values, to live and study this choice — which, in my view, is an exploration of both self-knowledge and general knowledge, not to mention compassion and understanding of others (in terms of physical and erotic fantasies, as well as their personality).

I can’t imagine myself in a supermarket saying, “Hey everyone, I’m a cam girl!” But, if I start fighting for this right today, maybe my daughter (or granddaughter) could also work with this industry in the not-too-distant future, without any social stigmas!

XBIZ: Hear hear! And when did you become involved with ImLive, as their exclusive cam model?

LiviaChoice: I have always enjoyed ImLive as a working platform, but I started to value the company even more after becoming more active in the live cam industry itself. Let me just say that I’m an ImLive exclusive model because I chose to be. I chose not to work on alternative platforms, instead focusing solely on ImLive members.

I find that working on one platform allows me to be completely attentive to all my fans, building relationships that create lifetime members, while earning the money I do — full stop.

I can understand models that work on two or three platforms, and therefore earn their money split between them. However, I don’t understand when models work on 10 to 15 different platforms. I think you end up just taking a “chance” to make money, as you can’t pay attention or build relationships with any of your members on that scale.

After looking around the industry at large, I made this decision according to my personal experience on a different platform, reflection on the testimony of different models in seminars and analysis of presentations/proposals of other cam sites in summits. I believe ImLive is the only platform that offers genuine quality of life to their models. That’s why I’m proud to have my name as a model, as a human being and as a scientific researcher linked to it.

There’s no doubt in my mind that ImLive views models as people and not as products, and every tool is created with the intent to protect and safeguard them, regardless of market competition. For example, there are many other sites that record and expose their models on Google during their shows as a way of publicizing them. Another wonderful example of protection and respect for the models is the “private mode” tool.

That being said, let me first clarify that I completely agree with the idea of having a free live chat, which is, in my point of view, the best tool for models to attract new traffic, generate new conversions and gain visibility on the site, not to mention increasing their popularity among members. However, what I am defending here is something different. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a PhD to know that a model is as interested as the company in making more money per hour and that it is not healthy (mentally or physically) to be controlled and exposed all the time, without the freedom and autonomy to decide her own intervals between a show and another one (which is totally personal). Think about it from a member’s perspective. It’s disastrous to enter a room and find a model tired from working too many hours in free live chat, with minimal desire to interact with viewers.

Those are just a few reasons I’m glad to say that on ImLive, all models still have a choice!

XBIZ: How have you cultivated such an enthusiastic following on ImLive, with a five-star rating after nearly 1,500 reviews?

LiviaChoice: I truly believe there’s no professional success without personal satisfaction as well. My reviews and ratings are just a consequence of the way I live my job: like a career that expresses my artistic side, respecting my limits and mental health, living my sexual fantasies of being watched and desired and treating it as an exercise in building my self-esteem. When I am online, I am nobody else besides myself, enjoying the moment. I’m genuinely interested in feeling more and better understanding my members — their desires, wants and needs. I see them as individuals rather than as random standard guests.

And that’s exactly how I expect to be treated in return: like a person, who is there to have fun with them, and not like some living doll, ready to follow a predetermined script. In the end, this is only possible because I work on a platform that offers me all the tools I need to feel free and protected — in order to just be myself. I don’t feel pressured to do anything that doesn’t come naturally from me in order to make more money, nor do I do anything that makes me feel uncomfortable in order to “secure my employment” or “develop my career.”

XBIZ: What makes ImLive a unique cam network? How does it empower models to achieve their ambitions?

LiviaChoice: There is nothing on ImLive that is even remotely comparable to any other cam site platform, not even the members — and it’s easy for me to explain why ImLive has the highest quality members of the industry, thus making it the best cam site for the models too. It’s a simple fact that people treat you as you allow them to treat you, but a site’s policy may help or hinder that treatment.

On ImLive, models are not exposed all the time and are not pressured to tease in free live chat (tips for nudity is not even allowed), and this policy raises the quality of the members’ behavior, as well as the models’ self-esteem. On the other hand, on sites where exposure and non-stop teasing are solicited, the quality of treatment in the member vs. model relationship falls frighteningly low, because the dynamics become very explicit: it’s an object (body) in exchange for another one (tips), with no emotional connection whatsoever. In other words: both sides (models and members) treat each other as objects rather than as people, so the quality of treatment is disastrous.

On Imlive, this doesn’t happen because the site’s policy helps models and members improve their relationship. For example, the free live chat is really a free live chat (rather than a glorified free live show). Models have the right to spend as long they please in private mode. They feel protected by the site and are free to tell members what they like/don’t like without having their position on the site negatively altered. Every ImLive model does it, so ImLive members respect that! For all these reasons — and so many more — I have no reservations in saying: once you’re an ImLive model, you’re never the same again!

XBIZ: Tell us about the various seminars and summits in which you’ve participated. What lessons and themes do you explore most often? What questions are you commonly asked?

LiviaChoice: Throughout both this year and last year, I have been attending seminars as a panel speaker in which I discussed the following topics: “Cam models: Discover why and how top models reach higher earnings” (The European Summit in Barcelona, Spain), “Global perspective of cams” and “Expert model tips” (The European Summit in Prague, Czech Republic), “No to social bullying when you are an adult entertainment model” (LALExpo in Cartagena, Colombia) and “How to be a successful web cam model” (AWSummit in Mamaia, Romania).

The questions asked are related to the individual theme of the panel, but I work hard during all the seminars (always respecting the topic, of course) to show the industry that camming is much more complex than initially meets the eye, and that the real purpose of the job is much more closely related to the live interaction between models and members (building connections) than focusing too narrowly on the strictly sexual aspect (which easily can be found for free on a number of porn sites).

XBIZ: How does your PhD and adult industry research influence your own live cam career?

LiviaChoice: My PhD was about the impact of cyber culture in postmodern society and I believe it totally relates to camming. As far as I know, cam girls and members are not sex machines, but people who change their interests and behavior both online and offline, according to the world they live in. So, in order to better understand member behavior in live video chat, we need to remind ourselves of all the changes in our society during the last few years.

In my four years of research, I discovered that these changes reflect a society full of people isolated from each other, hidden behind the screens of their electronic devices, looking for social connections on online platforms. Applying this to the industry, we can conclude that live cam sites are one example of these online platforms, and live cam models are the right people to help needy members, while fulfilling our basic societal need of building connections.

From this perspective, I am developing my own scientific theory about the business, entitled “building connections,” centered on the social aspect of camming (or as I like to say in a more informal manner: “Stop teasing! It’s time to build connections!”).

XBIZ: Why is interactivity and genuine social engagement so crucial to effective camming, both in terms of long-term profitability and personal happiness? How do you implement such priorities in your camming?

LiviaChoice: Communication is not only the secret to this (or any) business, but it’s also the secret of life. Human nature is essentially communicative (gregarious) and we need each other not only to survive (a baby does not survive without someone to take care of him just as any isolated adult would lose their sanity), but to be happy and mentally healthy. As I said in a previous answer, from the psychological point of view, it makes no sense to require a live model behaving like a machine (100 percent of the time online, exposed, smiling, teasing, etc.) because of the massive competition across the market.

There are many more intelligent and effective ways of dealing with free access to porn, which has greatly hindered the traffic of even live cam sites. For example, what makes the same member come back to visit the same model, time after time? Is it the color of her hair, the way she shakes her ass or the size of her breasts? Or is it because that particular member comes back since that particular girl has figured out some way to build a connection (meaning: become a person) to that member (who is also a person)?

XBIZ: What are your unique cam model selling points, which distinguish you from your peers?

LiviaChoice: Let me tell you how I live this choice (without making any comparison with my colleagues)! First of all (and I hope it doesn’t sound so complicated), there is no separation between “me” and “my work” — the connection is total! All of my life is intertwined with understanding how this world works, how members live via online interaction — what they feel, what they like, what each of their peculiarities are.

I also contemplate how I feel in this interaction, as far as what I like to do when I am online and what motivates me to do it, and how I can help other models feel more confident about themselves.

Other topics that drive and distinguish me include exploring what can be done to make the industry more simultaneously human and profitable, how society deals with this job, how to make people less ignorant and prejudiced, not to mention how I can contribute to all of this considering that I am the only person I know with more than 10 years of academic studies and seven years of video chat analysis.

I believe all of this optimizes my performance as a model because my priority in this business is not being the most famous model around or making the most money possible, but having a high quality of life and enjoying what I’m doing — while living a life that gives me immense pride — which, fortunately, already happens!