Ed Hunter: Third World Media’s Man of International Mystery

For the past decade, director/producer Ed Hunter has circled the globe in search of beautiful, exotic women and sassy, seductive ladyboys. As Third World Media’s resident shooter, Hunter is tasked with capturing the kind of culturally authentic footage not commonly found in North America’s ethnic porn market.

“Third World Media would not be what it is today without the efforts of Ed Hunter,” notes company owner Steve Scott. “He has been ahead of his time for a very long time and I don’t see that changing in the future. Whether it’s ‘Japanese Fur Burgers’ or ‘Miss Big Dick Brazil,’ there are few people like Ed who dedicate everything to his work.”

I travel solo with camera in hand. The places I shoot require being stealthy and mobile.

XBIZ caught up with Hunter to discuss the ins-and-outs of shooting internationally.

What are the challenges you face when shooting outside of the U.S.?

The two biggest problems are language and money. The language and culture change from country to country and, though I’m fluent in several foreign tongues, there is bound to be some confusion. Learning any culture takes time, but I’ve become better at communicating over the years.

Money is the next problem, and this is a more recent issue for us. In the old days, a “Benjamin Franklin” would get you anything, anywhere. In the last couple of years, however, the U.S. dollar has turned into a worthless pile of third world manure. The dollar’s value in relation to the currencies of the countries we shoot in has changed nearly 35 to 50 percent! That means our cost of production overseas has increased exponentially in a very short time.

How do performer attitudes differ internationally?

Every country is different. In some, it’s strictly business. The girl is there for the money and wants to get in and out as soon as she can, and for as little work as she can do. In others, the girls work hard and look to impress the “foreign” director. One thing that doesn’t change is she-male attitudes. No matter what country they’re from, every transsexual thinks she’s a superstar/supermodel, and loves to act like one. They’re also the only ones capable of kicking my ass, no matter what country we’re in.

Why do people in Japan and Latin America get into porn? What are their expectations?

In Latin America and Japan, people want money and know porn is a quick way to earn some. Many of the performers have grown up watching porn from their own countries, as well as the U.S., and have dreamt of one day being seen on film too. Some have even followed in their parents’ footsteps. Girls know that, if they get on a cover of a Third World Media movie, it’s like money in their pockets. Guys search them out, and they can charge a premium for being a Third World cover girl. In Japan, getting into porn may be the fast track to a new Louis Vuitton or Hermes bag.

Where do you find your talent?

Where the action is hot is where I wanna be. I’m looking for the freshest faces and the most natural girls — in their natural environments. Depending on the country, that could mean hanging out in bars or clubs. I may be trolling the streets. In Brazil, as I search for “Tranzilla” or “Miss Big Dick Brazil,” I frequently find myself in the rain forest, in search of giant Anacondas; with my machete in hand.

Is there a country you haven’t shot in, but would like to?

I have yet to shoot in Africa. I think some of the hottest and most natural women in the world are from Africa. One other region I’d love to shoot in would be the Middle East. Arab chicks are hot. However, I figure my chances of coming home from such a trip in anything other than a body bag would be pretty minimal. Israel may be a possibility.

Do you ever perform in your movies?

I’m a bit of a loner, an outsider of sorts. I travel solo with camera in hand. The places I shoot require being stealthy and mobile. From time to time, being a director, videographer and cameraman alone isn’t enough. Local male talent can sometimes be unreliable, so at times I’ve been known to put my cock to work in the scenes, too.

What’s your opinion on today’s ethnic market?

Today’s ethnic market is good, but it can be even better. Current common niches like Latin, Asian and Black need to become even further niched and segmented. Different countries beyond the common foreign destinations need to be exposed. Africa, the Middle East and more of Asia would be great. There are just so many beautiful mix-raced girls that deserve the exposure.