XBIZ.com / Pleasure Products Index / Fetish http://xbiz.com/ppi/ XBIZ PPI - The Industry's Most Timely Guide to Pleasure Products 60 en-us Copyright 1996-2016 Adnet Media. All Rights Reserved. XBiz is a registered trademark of Adnet Media Group, Inc. Thu, 29 Sep 2016 15:47:56 -0700 ppi@xbiz.com Sinful Bondage Kit NS Novelties Everything needed for an evening of exhilarating BDSM fun is inside The Sinful Bondage Kit, an upscale, ready-to-go collection of exquisite restraints for both the novice and enthusiast. Available in colors Midnight Black and Fuchsia, the kit includes wrist and ankle cuffs, hogtie, and blindfold, all even-stitched and neoprene-lined for added comfort during long play dates. All Sinful items are black anodized for durability and feature nickel-free hardware. Take home The Sinful Bondage Kit from NS Novelties and unleash the fantasies within. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/212298 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/212298 Sun, 18 Sep 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/212298_r1.jpg Sinful Leg Up Sling NS Novelties Featuring sturdy double stitched vinyl construction designed to hold up during even the roughest play, ns novelties' Sinful Leg Up Love Sling brings fantasy to life, stabilizing, supporting and securing all sorts of compromising positions. Tethering the thighs, calves or ankles to the back of the neck via thick padded straps, the Sling rests behind the neck, drawing the legs up as dramatically as desired. Completely customizable in terms of strap length as well as cuff circumference, the Sling can accommodate many sizes and positions- the mate in control of the cinch will be able to adjust leg angle with a quick pull. Cuffs adjust to approximately 6 inches (15cm) of diameter while the sling straps itself can reach 45.5 inches (114cm) in total length. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/211388 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/211388 Mon, 22 Aug 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/211388_r1.jpg Platinum: The Cuffs Doc Johnson For both beginners and restraint enthusiasts, The Cuffs in Doc Johnson’s Platinum™ Premium Silicone feature a single-piece molded design with no metal hardware to break, snag apparel, or irritate skin. Perfect for light bondage play, these firm yet flexible wrist cuffs provide strong but comfortable restraint and submission without pain. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/211107 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/211107 Sat, 13 Aug 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/211107_r1.jpg Scandal Over the Door Swing CalExotics Features: • Over the door style universal swing harness • Sturdy straps and bar hooks for secure over-the-door placement • Fully adjustable to fit both standard and oversized doors • Easy to use, and easy to release, double padded arm and thigh straps • Soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210408 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210408 Thu, 11 Aug 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/210408_r1.jpg Ziggy Cuffs Liberator If idle hands are the devil's workshop, then the Ziggy Cuffs are bound to provide hours of diabolical fun. These black latigo leather and gold lambskin cuffs feature reinforced brass accents making bondage play look just as good as it feels. Equipped with reinforced rivets, adjustable buckle and solid D-ring, there's no escaping the pleasure of punishment. Cuffs available for wrists and ankles. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209984 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209984 Wed, 13 Jul 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/209984_r1.jpg Ziggy Collar & Leash Liberator Luxury at its finest, the Ziggy Collar and Lead is designed to standout among the fiercest fetish crowd. Crafted from black latigo leather this amazing collar features brass-plated rivets on the front, and the inside is lined with stunning metallic gold lambskin. Handmade by Liberator's leather artisans, this collection features reinforced hardware designed to withstand whatever scenario any naughty mind can concoct. Anyone can take a front row and center seat by attaching the matching lead made from heavy-duty brass plated hardware and soft leather handle. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209983 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209983 Wed, 13 Jul 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/209983_r1.jpg Nipple Play Padded Vises CalExotics A thrillingly temperature sensitive option from the nipple play collection, the Padded Vises offer stimulating weightiness and completely adjustable pressure on the more intense end of the spectrum. The Vises' Nickle-free iron and smooth PVC construction is extra durable and worthy of rough and tough play. Place the clamps in the fridge or come cold water before use for a cooler option. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209306 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209306 Tue, 21 Jun 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/209306_r1.jpg Breathable Ball Gag with Cuffs CalExotics A creative combo of two much-loved play pieces, Scandal's Breathable Ball Gag with Cuffs features a classic gag complete with vertical body strap and optional swiveling wrist cuffs. Position the smooth perforated ball gag into a mate's mouth to assert instant dominance. The black sphere fills their mouth fully, preventing all forms of oral disobedience. The body strap flows down from the back of the gag- it's adjustable as to length, varying the height at which cuffs can be clipped on. The soft velvety-lined cuffs attach easily to a ring at the base of the body strap. They loop securely over the wrists, fastening with hardy velcro. Swiveling clasps connect to a ring on either cuff, allowing just enough twisting and turning without the possibility of escape. Use the Cuffs on their own or with other compatible bondage gear, as well as in combination with the Ball Gag. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209303 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209303 Tue, 21 Jun 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/209303_r1.jpg Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Nipple Pleasure Cups Pipedream Products Make your nipples perk with pleasure with the incredible Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Pleasure Cups. Using techniques derived from ancient Chinese cupping sets, these one-of-a-kind nipple stimulators allow you to apply amazing suction to your nipples and combine the sensation with thrilling vibrations. The plastic pleasure cups are lined with super soft silicone and feature powerful micro vibrators that deliver incredible vibrations where you want the most.For best results, turn the micro vibrator on, place the cup on your breast directly over your nipple, connect the medical-style pump ball until you reach your desired suction level, and remove the pump ball. Once you remove the pump, the pleasure cup will maintain its powerful suction until you pull the release pin on top of the cup. You'll enjoy direct vibrations to your most sensitive erogenous zone while your partner enjoys your new puffy look.With as few as 3 pumps on each breast, your nipples will swell with passion, leaving them erect, puffy, and super sensitive. Once the tingly vibrations kick in, you'll enjoy hands-free stimulation to your most sensitive areas. To release the suction, simply pull the pin on the top of each cup to relieve pressure.Bullet Requires 1 AG5/LR48 Battery (Included) http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209071 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/209071 Wed, 15 Jun 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/209071_r1.jpg Vibrating Nipple Clamps Adam & Eve Specially designed with your comfort in mind, these vibrating nipple clamps feature several improvements compared to older models. First, an adjustable tension bar lets you increase or decrease the pressure on your nipples to fit your comfort and experience level. Second, the clamps are curved on the inside instead of being straight. This curve lets the clamps fit snugly around your nipple for a much more comfortable fit. And the nipple clamps are spring loaded to keep them securely in place no matter how much you move or wiggle during sex. http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/208275 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/208275 Sun, 22 May 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/208275_r1.jpg