XBIZ.com / Pleasure Products Index / Rocks Off Products http://xbiz.com/ppi/ XBIZ PPI - The Industry's Most Timely Guide to Pleasure Products 60 en-us Copyright 1996-2016 Adnet Media. All Rights Reserved. XBiz is a registered trademark of Adnet Media Group, Inc. Mon, 05 Dec 2016 23:28:21 -0800 ppi@xbiz.com RO-90mm Rocks Off 10 FunctionRO-90mmShoot to ThrillOwn your desires with the RO-90mm. A tapered tip fulfils your passions with precision stimulation and a 90mm long body massages your intimate areas to explosive orgasms. 10 functions include 3 speeds and 7 patterns for irresistible sensations. It is perfect for solo or couple's play and it is 100% waterproof for underwater fun.To stare down the barrel of satisfaction, choose the RO-90mm.• Tapered tip for precision stimulation• 90mm length body• 3 constant speeds and 7 vibration patterns• 100% waterproof and fully submersible• 1 x AAA battery (included)Available in:SilveradoGoing for GoldWhole Lotta Rosie http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214416 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214416 Mon, 21 Nov 2016 04:00:00 -0800 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/214416_r1.jpg XCHANGE Rocks Off The Ultimate Dual Interchangeable Remote Controlled Pleasure Accessory Curve – An Adventure in pleasure.The prostate and perineum massager reinvented, Curve unites over a decade’s worth of ground breaking expert research with sophisticated design to create unforgettable pleasure experiences. OVAL - the ultimate erotic encounter.A seductive powerful plug and perineum massager. Oval’s stylish streamlined silhouette creates prolonged pleasure, building to explosive, effortless orgasms, again and again. Xchange’s base unlocks for discreet charging allowing you revisit pleasure’s summit again and again. Exceptional engineering meets luxurious styling, with 3 powerful vibration and 7 pulsation settings to take you to the pinnacle of pleasure. Give in to your deepest desires. Xchange - Curve and Oval For the ultimate dual erotic encounter.• Splash proof• Body safe silicone• USB chargeable featuring LED indicator• Up to 2 hour run time (from full charge)• Hand held remote control with combined wrist strap• Shaft and base come apart to provide discreet charging• 10 functions – 3 vibration settings and 7 pulsation settings• Independent motors provide prostate, anal and perineum stimulation http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214415 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214415 Mon, 21 Nov 2016 04:00:00 -0800 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/214415_r1.jpg DELIVER Rocks Off DeliverYour Punishment is PleasureFlay some new thrills into your bedroom antics. Deliver is a 6 inch ridged vibrator and flogger for couples tempted by some light S&M excitement. Build your hunger for its throbbing handle by warming each other up with some gentle punishment. 3 Vibration and 7 pulsation settings keep you gasping for the next way to reach climax. Create favourite new games that you can both enjoy. Feel the tantalising bounce on your bare skin of the silicone ringed chains, and then shudder in delight as you slip onto each enticing ridge of the vibrating handle.Deliver puts the flay in your bedroom play for entertaining and seductive sex games. Awaken your S&M kink with a potent mix of light pain and prolonged pleasure.• Ideal for couples• 6 inch ridged vibrator• 10 powerful vibration and pulsation levels• Individual body safe silicone chain links• Fully waterproof• Up to 4 hours of power http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214414 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214414 Mon, 21 Nov 2016 04:00:00 -0800 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/214414_r1.jpg BALL & CHAIN Rocks Off BALL & CHAINLock in your DesireAny moment now…. any… yes. Quiver and shake under the control of your partner. BALL & CHAIN is a remote control kegel ball that lets daring couples and singles take their fantasies out with them. Delicious arousal could come at any moment. How and when only heightens the pleasure.With a 10 metre remote radius, your date nights will never be the same again. Relish the anticipation of private pleasure in public places. 3 vibration and 7 pulsation settings place considerable power in your or a partner’s hands; the power to use mischievously and have you begging for more. BALL & CHAIN is made from silky smooth silicone and its silicone rings make it easy to remove. BALL & CHAIN is also 100% waterproof so there’s no escape in the bath, shower, sauna or swimming pool. Trust your partner to release you to pleasure. Live out your fantasies with BALL & CHAIN.• 10 metre remote radius• 10 powerful vibration and pulsation levels• Fully waterproof• Body safe silicone• USB chargeable with LED indicator http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214413 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/214413 Mon, 21 Nov 2016 04:00:00 -0800 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/214413_r1.jpg Quest Rocks Off QUESTExplore and DiscoverQuest is your guide in a world of sensual discovery. Find confidence and control on the path to new pleasures. Quest is a slim and unintimidating vibrator for first time prostate explorers and prostate thrill-seekers. Tease your senses for exciting new sexual experiences.You can take control of your own or a partner’s pleasure with 10 exhilarating vibration and pulsation settings. Compact and stylish, Quest is designed with the discerning explorer in mind. 100% waterproof, know no limits in the bedroom, bath or shower.Prepare to succeed in your exciting new sexual adventure. Let Quest be your guide. • Ideal for beginners• 10 powerful vibration & pulsation levels• Designed with comfort and pleasure in mind• Fully waterproof• Up to 3 hours of power http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/213167 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/213167 Wed, 12 Oct 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/213167_r1.jpg Ignition Rocks Off IgnitionYours for the ChoosingFeel intense waves of desire as Igition deliver’s ripples of passion deeply throughout your entire body.Ignition is the ultimate lover, powerful and streamlined but also beautifully elegant giving orgasmic stimulation to every intimate trigger point.Enjoy Ignition on its own or to complement and enhance your Rocks Off collection, as it turns all of your guilty pleasures into the perfect re- chargeable. • 10 intense power vibrations• 100 % Waterproof•  USB re-chargeable•  Up to 60 minutes of pleasure time per 50 minutes of charge •  Inter-changeable with other Rocks Off bulleted products http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/213166 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/213166 Wed, 12 Oct 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/213166_r1.jpg RO-80mm Rainbow Bullet Rocks Off RO-80mmRainbow bulletThis power packed pleasure bullet will tantalise and tease you with 7 addictive, sinful settings of pure ecstasy. The original RO-80mm worldwide best seller from Rocks-Off is packed full of passionately powerful intense vibes. A discreet pleasure bullet that will have you weak at the knees and begging for more.• 7 settings• 100% waterproof• Battery included http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/213165 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/213165 Wed, 12 Oct 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/213165_r1.jpg Ro-Zen Pro Rocks Off RO-Zen ProPerfect sensation alignmentDo you crave ultimate satisfaction? Spoil multiple hot spots at once with this pleasure power house, leaving your hands free to fulfil all other desires.RO-Zen Pro’s strong silicone rings give you a larger, harder, and prolonged erection while the combined stimulation of key erogenous areas pushes you to an extremely satisfying and powerful orgasm.Designed for a full, firm fit, RO-Zen Pro’s narrow neck above the base helps reassure you that time will be all that slips by. Embrace your passion spots with RO-Zen Pro for untold indulgence.¥ USB rechargeable¥ 10 speed and pulsation settings¥ Hands free¥ 100% waterproof and fully submersible¥ Body safe silicone¥ Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on/off http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210986 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210986 Tue, 16 Aug 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/210986_r1.jpg Petite Sensations: Plug Rocks Off PlugPetite sensationsPetite Sensations Plug is a cleverly designed vibrating anal plug, that is ideal for beginners as well as experienced users wanting to enjoy exhilarating thrills in a petite package. The Ultra-soft body-safe silicone allows the plugs slim tapered tip to slide smoothly inside you. Once fully inserted, the real pleasure begins. The t-shaped base sits between your cheeks and allows the 7 function vibrating bullet to cast orgasm-inspiring vibrations in and around that highly sensitive area and then up through Plug to its tip. To take control of your anal adventures and understand pleasure like never before, choose the Petite Sensations Plug.• Petite size ideal for beginner anal play• Velvety soft, ultra-smooth body-safe silicone• Tapered tip for easy insertion• 3 vibration speeds and 4 patterns for varying sensations• 100% waterproof and fully submersible http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210990 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210990 Thu, 11 Aug 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/210990_r1.jpg Petite Sensations: Bubbles Rocks Off BubblesPetite SensationsDiscover the gentle approach to experiencing anal play with Petite Sensations Bubbles. Feel your body tremble with pleasure as you insert each bubble and embrace the rising arousal as their girth widens. Bubbles firm T shaped base will vibrate and pulsate on your highly sensitive area as it firmly fits between your cheeks, whilst it’s strong vibrations surge through each bubble to deliver overwhelming heights of pleasure. Bubbles 7 vibrations and pulsations settings and ultra-soft silicone is designed to ease every push towards you experiencing ultimate arousal. For an exciting journey to anal pleasure that heightens your stimulation with every step, choose Petite Sensations Bubbles.• Petite size ideal for beginner anal play• Velvety soft, ultra-smooth body-safe silicone• Pinpointed, targeted vibrations• 3 vibration speeds and 4 patterns for varying sensations• 100% waterproof and fully submersible http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210989 http://www.xbiz.com/ppi/210989 Thu, 11 Aug 2016 04:00:00 -0700 http://www.xbiz.com/images/novelty/210989_r1.jpg