TopBucks Announces Oktoberfest Campaigns With Increased Payouts

VAN NUYS, Calif. — today announced two Oktoberfest-themed promotional campaigns highlighting the latest additions to its portfolio of sites, both of which offer payout increases for TopBucks webmasters.

For its “Out-toberfest” promotion, TopBucks is paying $69 per signup referred to its new gay site, TopBucks is also offering $75 per non-North American signup referred to its new TopBucks Gonzo line of sites.

“We soft-launched MaleSpectrumPass just a few weeks ago, and the performance of the site so far has been spectacular,” said Lea Busick, director of marketing and sales for TopBucks, WildWestCash and PlugInFeeds. “The gonzo sites were added to our portfolio in August, and we’ve noticed that they have been a big hit with visitors coming in from outside the U.S. and Canada. These promos are designed to give our webmasters added benefit from promoting our hottest new properties.”

Busick emphasized that on the foreign traffic promotion, it is only the customer’s location that matters. Webmasters residing in any country are eligible to participate in the promotion.

“In the past, when we’ve done similar promotions, there has been some confusion, so we want to be totally clear about how this promotion works,” Busick said. “All our webmasters are eligible to participate in the foreign traffic promo – the geographic limitation applies to the customers’ location, not the webmasters’.” For more information, log on to, or email Quentin Boyer at