DC Cherry Video Creates Distribution Unit

Oliver Sanders
WASHINGTON — East Coast-based ethnic production studio DC Cherry Video has announced that it will form a distribution company known as DC Cherry Distribution.

DC Cherry CEO Kevin Kash has been distributing all of DC Cherry’s releases since the company got started in 2005.

Kash said that the move to open a distribution company was a natural progression for him because of the success he’s had in his region.

“I was already self-distributing from day one,” Kash told XBIZ. “There’s not a lot of opportunities on the East Coast and people are starting to realize that we don’t need an outside distributor, we can keep everything in house and make good money because there’s not a lot of overhead.”

The company added production studios F*ing Star, which is helmed by male performer Brandon Longwood, and LB Productions, a Detroit-based studio, to its roster in early Aug.

Last week DC Cherry also inked Stripes Video, from Atlanta, and MILF starlet Stunning Summer’s Feline Flicks studio. All four companies will be releasing titles in the coming month.

Kash told XBIZ that his goal with the new studios is to expand the breadth of his company’s releases to gain a wider audience.

“These companies add more to our repertoire and that’s my mission,” Kash said. “My product is starting to branch out now and I’m starting to see a lot of reorders now.”

The company is hoping to start a BBW line late this year and plans to add more genres next year.

Kash said that while he is moving toward more online platforms and web content, his company is looking toward continued growth in DVD sales and has had a good year so far.

“I’ve heard a lot of people saying that the way the industry is right now you can’t even make money in DVDs, you’ve got to be online doing video-on-demand and things like that,” Kash said. “But this has been my best summer ever for DVD sales — I’m adding companies.”

For more information, visit DCCherryVideo.net.