Jack Lawrence Returns to Motorsports, Cycling

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — With shooting schedules allowing more time for hobbies and past careers, performer Jack Lawrence is making a part-time return to motorsports after a 16-year absence from Sports Car Club of America competition.

Plans to campaign his replica 1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe are underway for Regional and National SCCA and National Auto Sport Association events this year, as well as the car show circuit.

"I raced 125cc and 250cc Shifter Karts, Formula Fords, Formula Continentals, and the pro Formula Atlantic Series for years, until 1992,” Lawrence said.

“Then I got back into cycling. I missed doing both and just found enough time in between shoots to do both now,” he added. “I am back on the road bike three to four days a week, for two to five hour rides with CSun and Cycle World groups which has done wonders for my strength in scenes.

“And the car — well, it's about time I got my balls back... a 202 mph, 0 to 60 in 3.6 second car will do that for you," Lawrence said.

"I am also making the car available for shoots. Larry Flynt said it right; we all have to concentrate on production values,” Lawrence said, making reference to Flynt’s speech at an awards show.

“I am getting way stronger in my scenes from all the cycling, and including a car like this at no charge to the production companies brings something to their product,” he added. “I mean, what guy doesn’t like to see cool cars and hot women getting fucked?"

For more information or to book the car, contact Lawrence. Any performers who want to improve their scenes by getting onboard for some serious training rides may also contact him at Jack@JackLawrenceXXX.com or by contacting A-List Talent.