Screaming O Unveils Double Pleasure Ring for Couples

Ericka Jensen
LOS ANGELES —Adult novelty manufacturer Screaming O has launched a spinoff aimed at couples — the Screaming O Two-O’s, a double pleasure ring.

The Two-O is similar to the company’s flagship product, the vibrating cockring, but features an additional motor designed for mutual enjoyment between couples.

“This product was designed with our fans in mind,” Screaming O’s Keith Caggiano told XBIZ. “We received so many requests for this we figured we’d do it for both men and women.”

The Two-O, made from pure silicone, offers users two vibrators which allows stimulation for the clitoris and penis simultaneously; the original Screaming O ring had one. The ring is disposable and stretchy to fit all penis sizes. “Pleasure bumps” transfer vibrations from dual motors through the length of the penis

“This product is great for a man who has never used a vibrator before,” Caggiano continued. “It can turn the user into a human vibrator.”

Caggiano recommends retailers stock the original Screaming O product and upsell additional items in the line. The Two-O is packaged in vibrant red, a signature of the traditional Screaming O, which is intended to allow consumers to visually tie the products together.

The Screaming O Two-O’s are the latest addition to the company’s award winning line of disposable and non-disposable vibrating rings and products. Other products include the Screaming O, The Screaming O Plus and Touch-Plus, as well as the reusable vibrating ring the Big O, O Wow, Bong O, The O Boy, The O Honey, Screaming Octopus, the Screaming Ovation love kit and the newly released FingO’s.