Todd Montgomery Leaves Falcon

Joanne Cachapero
SAN FRANCISCO — Yesterday, Falcon Entertainment President and CEO Todd Montgomery left the company, with a statement from the studio indicating that he had “agreed to disagree” with 3Media partner Steve Johnson, as reported in the Gay Porn Times.

3Media Corporation was originally founded by Montgomery, Johnson and the late Terry Mahaffey, and is Falcon’s parent company.

Montgomery was unavailable for comment at the time of this posting.

“We will be moving forward with a very positive outlook and plan on staying focused and passionate about the work we are all doing,” Falcon Director of Promotions and Production Troy Prickett told XBIZ.

“We are all well equipped with survival instincts here and have shifted into ‘a new day — a new beginning’ mode,” Prickett added. “Falcon will flourish thanks to an incredibly dedicated, driven and passionate team of individuals who after five years of working together all have one goal in mind — success. Falcon Studios is evaluating the need for a new President and will make the appropriate decision in the near future. Todd Montgomery’s departure will not affect the daily operations or long-term production schedule of Falcon Studios.”

Founded by Chuck Holmes in 1971, Falcon Studios is a mainline gay production company with several well-known lines, including the Falcon brand, as well as the Jocks and Mustang lines, and a library of more than 400 titles. There are several other Falcon-branded properties including its flagship website and