Purple Mushroom Studios Opens in Canoga Park

Tod Hunter
CANOGA PARK, Calif. —A new production studio has opened in Canoga Park, near the adult production center of Chatsworth in the San Fernando Valley. The studio was built by Purple Mushroom Productions for their solo-girl video shoots.

"The build-out took about two months," Purple Mushroom co-owner David Felender told XBIZ. "The studio can be used for stills and video. We have five rooms, with interchangeable carpets and furnishings. We have different colored sofa covers and chair covers, and coffee tables, lamps, mirrors, candles, plants and pictures to dress the sets. Our main living room set has three different-color walls, with window coverings and blinds." The studio also has lighting equipment and post-production facilities available for rental.

The studio is air-conditioned, a feature that is of interest in the west Valley where summer temperatures can get in the 100s.

"The air conditioning is silent," Felender said. "You don't pick it up on video."

For additional information, visit the PMP Studios website or email pmpvid@yahoo.com.