All Boys Rolls Out New Lines, New Titles

Joanne Cachapero
SOUTH PARIS, Maine — All Boys Distribution President Rob Ragan said business is booming, as he cherry-picks niche content to add to the All Boys roster.

Last week, Ragan signed an exclusive worldwide distro deal with online producer The paysite, which has exclusive video-on-demand content as well as social networking features, has been popular and the producer is now poised to enter the DVD market. The company is specializing in the noncondom muscle niche and their first release is titled “Bareback Atlanta.”

“It’s a great line for me. They’re not exactly bodybuilders, but they have increased the size of their models and they are aggressively looking right now for bigger guys,” Ragan told XBIZ.

“They actually stumbled onto a niche that is not being filled in the gay arena,” Ragan said further. “It does phenomenally well in bareback [muscle] because there’s just not a lot of it out there. I’m really tickled to have this line.”

Earlier this month, All Boys also added a new U.K.-based line called LoadXXX. Their first title with All Boys, “Rentboy,” has been popular in Europe, according to Ragan.

“Load XXX is a line that I brokered through OTB,” Ragan said. “It’s more of a themed line than a fetish line. The first one that I’m releasing is based on bareback skateboarding and the next one is going to be a medical school theme.”

Ragan added that another reason the he expects the LoadXXX lines to do well is because the production company puts extra effort in to posters and promo materials that can be sent to retailers and vendors, which instantly raises the marketability of the product.

“These guys really have shown an interest,” Ragan said. “It’s easier to do when I have things to send to customers, even before I release the film. I send them things and get them looking at the film.”

In addition to the new lines, All Boys also recently released the third volume DVD of the self-titled line from, which is a relatively new line from a producer that shoots content mainly for the Web.

“The response for that line was a lot bigger than I thought it would be,” Ragan said. “You know it’s a pain in the ass to introduce a new line to the market. You just don’t say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this and people start breaking down your door to get it.’ It really is a process to get a new line into the circular process for buying in the market.”

Ragan’s talent for picking popular content seems to have paid off at this past weekend’s European Gay Porn Awards, when OTB Video won Best Twink Video for their noncondom Latin-themed release, “Welcome to the Fuck Club.” This marks the second year that the studio had been honored in the Twink category by the EGPA.

To celebrate, All Boys is offering a 10 percent discount on all OTB Video titles leading up to the May 29 release of the studio’s latest title “Bareback Princess Boys.”

With so many new, smaller studios distributing content in what seems to be an already oversaturated market, Ragan said being choosy about the content is what sets All Boys apart and keeps his operation profitable. For the time being, he is avoiding material he said doesn’t move well, like American twink or condom-only twink lines.

“If it’s just not moving, then it’s not what the marketplace wants right now,” Ragan explained.

“All the new studios that are coming down the pike, but the one thing that’s not going to change is that these stores are only so big,” he added. “Their square footage doesn’t increase because there are more studios. So, they’re really picking and choosing a lot more, whereas before they had to take what they could get in gay. Now, there’s just such a plethora of so many different types of film coming out. So, I’m really starting to look for things that are not the same old, same old.”

For more information about All Boys Distribution, or any of the lines mentioned, visit the All Boys website.