Pantheon Releases ‘Daddy Hunt 6: Frat Pack’

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Gay distributor The French Connection has announced the release of Pantheon Productions’ latest title, “Daddy Hunt 6: Frat Pack.”

“Daddy Hunt 6: Frat Pack” is chock full of horse-hung San Francisco daddies and the handsome, lusty young men who crave them.

“Pantheon has perfected the daddy genre, and ‘Daddy Hunt 6’ is no exception,” French Connection owner Chris Hull said. “Anyone who wants hot boy-on-daddy action won’t be disappointed when they pick up a Pantheon production.”

Directed by Javier “Walter” Romero, this latest installment — the first from Pantheon in a year — features four young studs that decide to make a sexy frat house game out of who can bed the hottest daddy.

“Daddy Hunt 6: Frat Pack” stars Pantheon exclusive Rik Kappus, Josh Kole, Adam Aakre, Clint Taylor, Jay Taylor, Andy Mack, Dallas, John Walters and Adam Burr.

“Daddy Hunt 6: Frat Pack” will be available in stores and online at on May 9.

For more information, visit The French Connection’s website or email .