Tera Wray Ties the Knot With Musician Wayne Static

Tod Hunter
LAS VEGAS — Pleasure Productions contract performer Tera Wray married musician and Static-X front man Wayne Static last week during the Adult Entertainment Expo. The wedding was on Jan. 10, the day before Matt Zane tried to break the body suspension record at the Pleasure Productions booth.

“We are married and very happy,” Wray said. “We love each other, that's why we did it. He's perfect.”

Zane learned the news the next day at the show.

"Tera kept asking Wayne if he told me [they got married]. Wayne just kept saying that he wanted her to tell me. So when they finally did I was shocked. I thought they were kidding but it is 100 percent true," Zane said. "I wish them the best. I think they are great for each other. I have been around them a lot since Ozzfest and I have to say they make an amazing couple."

The couple met at last summer's Ozzfest where Wayne was performing on the front stage with Static-X and Wray was modeling lingerie at the Hustler Lingerie booth.

The news was first leaked on Society 1 Television, a weekly show on Matt Zane's YouTube channel, which has video of Zane congratulating the couple while he's hanging from hooks.

Wray can be seen in "Punk'd Ur Ass No. 2," which was directed by Zane.