FSC Urges Compliance with New 2257 Regs

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – In the advent of revised 2257 regulations, the Free Speech Coalition is reminding the adult industry to maintain compliance and exercise prudence when encountering gray areas.

“Being a member of the Free Speech Coalition does not mean that compliance is unnecessary,” FSC Executive Director Michelle Freridge said. The amended regulations take effect June 23, and Freridge stresses that adult producers must remember there is no free period between the expiration of the old regs and the validation of the new ones.

“I would really like to offer above-the-law status to FSC members, but that would be wrong,” Freridge told XBiz. She felt the need to address 2257 compliance when she learned that some companies thought that membership in the organization made them immune to prosecution.

While its – and the adult industry’s – lawyers and staff pore over the amended regulations, Freridge said that the Free Speech Coalition will initiate litigation to seek an injunction against the law in general as well as specific parts of the regulatory scheme.

“While we are confident that we should receive injunctive relief of some sort, and are hopeful that such an injunction will be broadly based, there are no guarantees,” she said. “We do not and cannot promise that an injunction will issue, and if it does, what components of the law and regulations will be covered.”

While the organization works to secure an injunction, Freridge said that only FSC members would be entitled to whatever relief the injunction provides. “We urge every member of the adult entertainment and information community to be compliant with the law and regulations, and to be prepared to comply with the new regulations, insofar as possible,” she said.