Acacia Sues Intel, Texas Instruments

Gretchen Gallen
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – A long way from its original attack against the online adult industry two years ago for patent infringement on its Digital Media Transmission patents, Acacia Technologies Group has taken on two of Silicon Valley's biggest players and is once again headed to court.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Acacia, a patent holder of multiple portfolios covering a wide swath of technology functions, said that its subsidiary Microprocessor Enhancement Corp. has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Intel Corp and Texas Instruments.

Filed in the Central District of California, the suit alleges that the two technology giants have infringed on a patent related to the architecture of advanced pipeline processors, which allow for the execution of instructions and could contribute to processor speed.

Acacia is claiming in its suit that Intel is infringing through its Intel Itanium line of microprocessors, and Texas Instruments through its series of digital signal processors.

Representatives for Acacia were not available for comment; however, the lawsuit comes on the heels of Acacia licensing its multi-dimensional bar code technology to mobile communications giant Nokia.

Multi-dimensional bar code technology, a patent held by Acacia's newly acquired VData LLC subsidiary, is used by many industries – including manufacturing, distribution, accounting and security – for tracking the movement of products, the collection of data and anti-counterfeiting.