Amateur Masters Will Pay For Your DRM Solution

Melbourne, FL - Amateur Masters, the resource board for Amateur Webmasters, has joined forces with PlayaDRM, a leader in Digital Rights Management systems and solutions to offer a free DRM solution to qualified Amateur Niche Webmasters who are registered users of and shoot exclusive content.

Amateur Masters DRM powered by Playa offers an easy way for Amateur Content Owners to secure their content and be taught how to make that secure content work for them. AM’s Brett LaMar adds, “It’s time we stand up and start making the freeloaders become our marketing partners and make sure that as an end result, we are paid for the content we produce.”

Playa’s Jason Tucker said, “We are pleased to be able to offer the Amateur Niche a chance to explore new marketing strategies while controlling and protecting their exclusive works. This is a real proven solution that will work for them, fit into their existing models with ease and create new opportunity.”

Brett adds, “By using DRM, our community can see a better possibility of increasing their market share. The pioneers at PlayaDRM have shown us that only our members get what they paid for and also that even free content, played under controlled situations can garner money in the form of an email, a join and even recapture members. As content travels, it finds its way into the hands of people who are willing to pay for it and help spread our message to untapped markets. This is like found money and traffic.”

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