EarnCoin.com Launches Partnership Program

Earncoin.com has released a new partnership program featuring seven niche sites.

With an in-house photo-studio allowing frequent updates of exclusive content and staff artists creating new sites, the promotional possibilities are intriguing.

Offering free content, FHG, banners and slogans for advertising plus an innovative interface that lets you adjust the site you are promoting in the way you want. You can choose what billing method will be the main one and what billing methods shall become the second and third ones. You will be able to change tours, to switch trials on and off, as well as activate a crossell popup. You will be able to send all exit traffic back to you, and you’ll be able to add your domain names to the Direct Link menu and send traffic directly to your chosen site, so there's no need to worry that surfers will delete your affiliate ID from the URL.

Offering $100 minimum bi-weekly payouts and a $25 signup bonus, EarnCoin.com also has a $25 per active referral + 10% from all sales bonus program to further increase profits.

For more information, please visit www.Earncoin.com.