Fred Salaff Trial Scheduled; Verdict Expected Soon

Anne Winter
JOYITO, Panama — American adult film producer Fred Salaff, who's been awaiting his case to be heard for more than two years, can expect a verdict within the week. Salaff has been under house arrest, barred from seeking employment, since his arrest more than two years ago, his trial dates having been repeatedly postponed until now.

In an April 27 post on his website, Salaff announced he had met with the judge that morning, during which he agreed to a "fast track" trial, waiving his right to a preliminary trial to "go for the real thing."

During the trial, both the defense and prosecution presented their arguments after the judge read the charges to the court, and Salaff said court observers have told him that "there should be no doubt as to the verdict."

Observers told him this judge is known for making quick judgments for guilty verdicts, but for this case has asked for "a short time" to make her final decision, rather than convicting him that same day. Salaff said he sees this as a good sign.

The law states the judge has at most 24 hours to decide, but Salaff said it could end up taking a week or longer.

Salaff was arrested after police raided his Devils Film shoot and charged him with pressuring prostitutes to perform and failing to file paperwork necessary to legally film an adult movie in the area, as well as neglecting to prevent minors from viewing the on-set activity. Several children reportedly climbed a wall to peek into Salaff's set during the shoot.