Offers AI-Powered Playlists on Site

NEW YORK — AZNude, a celebrity nude website, has announced the release of its playlists, which will be powered by an artificial intelligence system built specifically for the website.

"We are excited to offer the long-awaited playlists on our website,” said George Chalhoub, co-founder of AZNude. “Our talented team has worked for more than three months to generate playlists through artificial intelligence technologies. You can search for in tub’ and a playlist with celebrities relaxing in a tub will appear. You can search for ‘in car’ or ‘in forest’ and matching results will appear.”

According to the company, a wide mix of 20,000+ playlists will be available for all users. Updated daily, the playlists will include AI-powered selections of celebrities and movies, and users will have the freedom to share, embed and download these playlists.

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