Seeking New Talent

VENICE, Calif. — For the first time in years, Sexy Standups will accept new models to join their list of adult stars that have had life-size cardboard replicas of themselves made.

The girls who participate provide an image they own, and then get a life-size cardboard cutout. They can promote their cardboard replica on social media, sell them on their site or purchase them at a discount for promotional opportunities. Royalties are paid out monthly.

“The cool thing about this idea is that it’s a unique way for fans to have something different that can easily be personalized,” said Jaz, who owns Sexy Standups. “The fans can take a pic with their cardboard replica and share it. It’s almost like they really did visit them in person.

“In the past, we’ve had girls bring them to feature dance gigs or signings and auction them off,” Jaz added. “They’ve brought them to conventions and fans go nuts for them. Girls can also sell them on their personal sites, or for raffles and promotions. Fans can even make custom birthday cards out of the image.”

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