CSPH to Hold Inaugural 'Sextended Family Reunion' in August

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) has announced its inaugural Sextended Family Reunion, to be held Aug. 12-14 in Belgrade, Maine. A CSPH representative said the event "will allow sex-positive community members to join together for a relaxing weekend reconnecting with each other."

"I hear from so many people in the fieald of sexuality that they're working in isolation, or feeling disconnected from people who share their values," said CSPH Executive Director Kira Manser. "Sextended Family Reunion is an opportunity for people to connect with others from very diverse parts of the field — adult industry, educators, therapists, sex workers, bloggers, and everyone in between — and just have a good time. I hope people will have an unreasonable amount of fun and get to meet and build memories and real relationships with people who also work in this field. I believe this supports the overall health and happiness of the folks who do this work, and makes for a stronger sexuality field as a whole." 

The Sextended Family Reunion will feature a variety of activities, ranging from hiking and a relay race to an open-mic talent show and a dance party.

Manser said, "The property in Maine where we are holding the event is the most special place in the world to me. It has been in my family for three generations, and everything at the property has been made by hand by family members. It is an incredible privilege and pleasure to be able to invite my sextended family to build and share memories at a place which has been such a source of strength and connectivity for my family of origin."

For more information on CSPH's Sextended Family Reunion, visit this link.

Founded in February 2010, the CSPH is described as "an educational organization which works to reduce sexual shame, challenge misinformation and advance the field of sexuality." The CSPH provides sex-positive sex education and cultural dialogue through a wide variety of programming, including workshops, performances and events for community members.

CSPH, according to a spokesperson, also offers "practical skill-building events and classes for emerging and experienced professionals, and presentations for hospitals, medical organizations and at national conferences."

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