Honey's Place Announces Exclusive Wholesale Partnership with LELO

LOS ANGELES — Leading adult novelty distributor Honey's Place and intimate lifestyle manufacturer LELO have announced an exclusive strategic partnership for wholesale distribution in the United States. 

LELO's selection process to choose Honey's Place as one of their Cornerstone Partners was a thoughtful and detailed task. LELO, according to a spokesperson, "evaluated every department in the company, including the purchasing, customer service, sales and marketing teams. LELO also spent time interviewing senior management to determine which U.S. distributors would add value and focus on the end-customer for the best consumer experience."

"Honey's Place is honored to be chosen as one of LELO's Cornerstone Partners," said Kyle Tutino, director of purchasing for Honey's Place. "This exclusive recognition allows us to continue to exceed customer service expectations. We look forward to working closely with LELO, who continues to excite and bring innovation to our industry."

Donna Faro, senior sales director for LELO, said, "LELO's Cornerstone Partnership is innovative and progressive, so naturally, Honey's Place understood and embraced the initiatives and goals to give the best possible opportunities to our Cornerstone Partners and retailers and value add to our end consumers. Our shared goals and approaches over the years have been very apparent. Bonnie Feingold and her team at Honey's Place have always supported the LELO brand and are always looking to provide the finest and amongst the best distribution services in our industry. We look forward to the upcoming promotions planned for the market and the partnership with Honey's Place to bring the most luxurious, most sought after intimate products to consumers."

Bonnie Feingold, president and CEO of Honey's Place, said, "It gives me great pleasure to announce this opportunity to partner with LELO in this ambitious growth project and to become one of four exclusive wholesale distributors in the U.S. LELO is known for superior quality in the luxury pleasure products category. We are proud to become a partner of a company so esteemed."

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