Kheper Games Wins 'Best Novelty/Game Product' at Adultex

MELBOURNE — Kheper Games won the award for Best Novelty/Game Product at the Adultex Awards in Australia on Apr. 28. The Adultex Awards took place during Calvista's Adultex trade show, a B2B event that began on Apr. 27 and concluded on Apr. 29.

The award was for Kheper Games' Sex Toy Seductions, a seduction kit that includes a stretchable pleasure ring, a silver bullet vibrator, a blindfold, 24 seduction cards, and tips on how to use the toys safely.

"We are truly honored and wish to thank Calvista for this prestigious and thoughtful award," said Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. "It already is a pleasure to attend their Adultex show, as was it a pleasure to visit many of their customers before the show as well. Sex Toy Seductions was a very elaborate and time-intensive product to design as well. So extra acknowledgement for this item means quite a bit to us. Thank you!"

Sex Toy Seductions, launched by Kheper Games in the fall of 2015, is the company's fifth seduction kit. Previous seduction kits from Kheper Games included Bondage Seductions, Fetish Seductions, Rose Petal Seductions and Massage Seduction.

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