Red Roxy Studios Announces Website Relaunch

MALAGA Red Roxy Studios has announced the relaunch of its website,

The design and marketing agency originated in Leicester, England, primarily working with adult film studios, producers and performers throughout the U.K. and further branching out across Western Europe and into the United States. However, Red Roxy Studios is now based in Malaga in southern Spain.

"Red Roxy Studios are proud to continue to deliver high-end results to businesses of all sizes across the adult entertainment sector," a representative for the company said. "Our goal is simple: to develop and grow as a business and to facilitate the growth of businesses throughout the industry."

As part of its relaunch, the company has added new services, including public relations and motion graphics.

"The adult industry as a whole is at a crucial point," a company representative said. "More and more businesses are investing in innovative, technological solutions as well as creative expansion in order to overcome the competition and to lead the industry through a new technical era. We are always happy to talk to individuals and businesses of any size about the various ways in which we can help expand their reach as well as develop the aesthetics required to reflect their needs and market."

For more information on Red Roxy Studios, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.