Wicked Sensual Care Lubricants Praised by SluttyGirlProblems.com

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Sensual Care has received rave reviews from Lorrae Bradbury's SluttyGirlProblems.com, which praised the company for its variety of high-quality personal lubricants in its annual Best & Worst Sex Toys list.

"We're very thankful to be recognized by SluttyGirlProblems.com for our lubricants," said Cassie Pendleton, marketing director for Wicked Sensual Care. "We're huge fans of the site. It's an honor to have them be fans of ours as well."

The honor comes after a variety of Wicked Sensual Care's personal lubricants, as well as those of other manufacturers, were sampled for the list and accompanying story. The article read, "We are totally obsessed with Wicked Sensual Care this year! So far, we've tried eight of their products, all of which were total favorites."

Known for its insightful and often humorous articles on sex, relationships and female topics, SluttyGirlProblems.com is among the fastest growing women's lifestyle magazines on the Web. It grew out of Bradbury's popular Twitter account, which has more than 267,000 followers.

Wicked Sensual Care's Aqua Sensitive also earned an impressive review from SluttyGirlProblems.com, which said, "Wicked Sensual Care has brought me my current favorite lube: Aqua Sensitive. This water-based lubricant has everything I love in a lube...[it] is absolutely perfect, no matter who you are."

Additionally, Wicked Sensual Care's Ultra Chill Lubricant earned kudos from SluttyGirlProblems.com, which said, "This is by far one of the best cooling lubricants on the market. Wicked Sensual Care Ultra Chill Lubricant combines the cooling effect of menthol, while not becoming overpowering... This has by far become one of my favorite lubricants ever."

For more information on Wicked Sensual Care, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.

For more information on SluttyGirlProblems.com, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.