IMTOY Promotes Male Masturbator Piu

LOS ANGELES — IMTOY is continuing its promotional campaign for Piu, a high-end male masturbator that syncs with an app.

The app allows users to stream an adult film from an growing library of titles, all of which are programmed for Piu to synchronize one’s pleasure with the rhythm of the movie. 

Piu was showcased at the recent Sexual Health Expo (SHE) convention in Los Angeles on January 16-17.

Piu stimulates the head of the penis with a versatile spectrum of vibration patterns and is equipped with two main motors.

Piu, which is waterproof and has an ergonomic design, includes a magnetic USB charger cable that enables convenient charging. 

Piu sells for $199.00 on IMTOY's website.

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