Desperate Pleasures' 'Weekend at Grandpas' Debuts on Dec. 17

LOS ANGELES — Desperate Pleasures has announced that "Weekend at Grandpas 4" will release next week on Dec. 17. 

“After some small talk, I could tell Grandpa wasn't paying attention to my words, so I pitched my deal and made my move," Amy Faye writes in her diary in "Weekend at Grandpas 4."

"At first, it seemed he wasn't going to take my offer, but when my hand closed around his cock Grandpa's attitude changed," continued Faye's diary entry. "By the time his cock was in my mouth, Grandpa was agreeing with whatever I wanted.”

“‘Weekend at Grandpas 4’ is the next in our series of family fun showing Grandpa's generosity towards his sexy granddaughters,” director JW Ties said. “Amy Faye and Audrey Grace get into some interesting situations and need Grandpa’s expert ASSistance in the wildest of places. You'll even find out more of Camille's devious adventures before 'Taboo Family Matters.'”

Retailers interested in stocking “Weekend at Grandpas 4” ahead of its Dec. 17 release date can email Michael at or call (954) 903-3347, ext. 2224.

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