Rock On Brand Acquired by ROCK’N Products

Rock On Brand Acquired by ROCK’N Products
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — ROCK’N Products LLC has acquired the Rock On brand from SOBO Products LLC.

SOBO is the former maker of the Rock On range of sexual vitality products for men and women. ROCK'N is now planning a major brand re-boot as it joins a new family of all-natural products with the attitude to “Rock Life- Every Moment of It!”

ROCK’N Products is a company established with the notion that "every moment of life is worth maximizing, and to do that you have optimize the mind, body, spirit and attitude."

According to the company, "decades no longer define who we are in an ever-changing world."

"People want to live a more active life and enjoy themselves while still feeling, looking and thinking their best at every age," the company said. "ROCK’N Products and the 'Rock Life Community' wants you to maximize every aspect and moment of life. The soon-to-be-unveiled Rock On line will offer mental, sexual, and vital, optimization for a vital youthful life."

The soon-to-be-unveiled Rock On line is designed for the mind, body and spirit and will offer products for mental optimization, male and female sexual vitality, a lean, active lifestyle, as well as the ability to recover and cleanse the body to ultimately maintain a vital youthful life.

The Rock On brand of male and female sexual enhancements was made popular by TV’s "Bad Girls Club," when the cast drank the female “horny juice” and ended up in a hot tub together. Rock On, a brand known to consumers as a comprehensive male and female friendly range, was also named Sexual Enhancement Brand of the Year in 2012 and 2013 as well as many other nominations along the way.

ROCK’N Products, headed up by industry marketing vet, Keith Caggiano, is ready to bring a new edgier Rock On range of products to the supplements industry with a mission to improve and re-invigorate all aspects of well-being. ROCK’N Products is approaching the market with a product line focused on a lifestyle-oriented marketing plan, Caggiano said.

“We are looking forward to reveling more details on the line soon, for now, I can say ROCK’N Products is gearing up to revolutionize how to improve vitality in all aspects of everyday life," Caggiano said. "Stay tuned in the coming months for the latest exciting developments from ROCK’N Products!”

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