Eropartner Distribution Named ‘Best European Company 2015’

HANNOVER, Germany — Eropartner Distribution has earned the Sign Award for “Best European Company of 2015,” and was honored during the recent eroFame show in Hannover.

The Sign Awards team remarked on the strategic geographic location of Eropartner Distribution, which enables the distributor to take on the challenges of global logistics and on their reliability.

“Whether it is large deliveries or just a few units, Eropartner Distribution completes every kind of delivery with modern communication and options, and the diverse assortment offers a great selection for many a trader,” explains a spokesperson for the Sign Awards team. “The Eropartner Distribution team also provides the best product information, and attractive merchandise ideas are also part of the portfolio of the Best European Company 2015.”

“We had an incredible fair this year. It was one of the busiest shows we have ever had and we got a lot of positive feedback from both our retail partners and the reps of the brands we carry, so our eroFame was already incredible,” says Eropartner Distribution’s Head of Purchasing, Elcke Wieffering. “Being named ‘Best European Company of 2015’ is the icing on the cake and definitely a highlight in our 10-year existence.”

“We are honored and proud to have been chosen as ‘Best European Company of 2015.’ We feel that this is a great acknowledgment of our hard work and the direction of our business,” says Eropartner Distribution’s Commercial Director, Chris Bakker. “We are continuously striving to offer excellent customer service, the best assortment, and helping our retail partners and the brands that we carry in any way we can. As we say at Eropartner, ‘your success is our success.’”

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