Sophie Dee and Gianna Michaels at Sapphire New York

NEW YORK — Premier feature dance agency The Lee Network has announced that adult stars Sophie Dee and Gianna Michaels will take the stage together for a feature dancing appearance at popular gentlemen’s club, Sapphire New York.

The sexy, busty duo will appear Saturday night, September 19, when Dee and Michaels will also be available for lap dances, fan photos, and autographs between performances.

“There’s something really unique and exciting about coming to New York and performing at Sapphire that just gets me very excited! I absolutely love that place!” said Sophie. “The guys at the club are always up for a great time! They’re so enthusiastic! I love ‘em!”

With heart-pounding music, provocative costumes and sexy dance moves that have won over fans across the country, Dee and Michaels aim to take feature dancing to another level with their one-of-a-kind tandem performance.

“Getting two superstars on stage is always a treat for our guests, but these two take the stage and room energy to another level,” stated Sapphire Chief Operating Officer Michael Wright. “Gianna Michaels and Sophie Dee never disappoint, and we are looking forward to having them this weekend!”

“We’ve been working really hard on our show and all I can say is that everyone that comes out is going to have an amazing time!” Sophie adds. “They’ll get two sexy girls onstage who love to dance and show just how wild and crazy they can get!”

“Sophie and Gianna are immensely talented performers, whether in front of the camera or headlining a live show,” said booking agent Derek Hay of The Lee Network. “Once you put them together, it’s absolute dynamite! The girls are incredibly sexy, energetic, and in tune with what the other is doing, making for a truly unique experience!”

Sapphire New York is located at 333 East 60th St.

For more information, visit or call (212) 421-3600.