Stefani Morgan Returns to Adult

LOS ANGELES — After nearly eight years of being away from the adult business, former Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan is making a comeback.

Morgan spent her time away based mostly in New York City and London, although she rarely stayed put in either. Her travels became inspiration for her upcoming work, as she will be filming in various exotic destinations.

Morgan has started her own production company, Stefani Morgan Productions, though she admits the name is subject to change.

"It's so expected and boring to use my name," she said. "Until the first feature is out... I have time to decide. I also have a tendency to overthink things!"

Morgan said she considered returning to the biz a couple times before making it officlal now.

"I am grateful for my time with Vivid and am not opposed to working with them in the future," she said. "But my views and ideas on what is sensual differed from theirs too much back then and I'd assume still does. One thing I've learned over the years is everyone has pain, everyone has desires, everyone wants something they can't have... and often they are clueless to what they actually need. My films aren't about sex, they are about people. The sex is just the superficial layer. So much of porn has become lifeless."

She is currently shooting her first film since returning in New York.