Bianca Breeze Takes ‘Daily Bush’ to Nexxxt Level

HOLLYWOOD — 3rd Degree Studios has released the fourth installment of its hit series “Daily Bush,” directed by Mike Quasar.

“Daily Bush 4” features Nexxxt Level girls Bianca Breeze, Keira Nicole and Edyn Blair in this look at the art of the unshaved woman.

“I’m beyond proud to have been chosen for the cover of ‘Daily Bush,’” says Bianca Breeze. “In the beginning of my career, I was told time and time again, that the bush had to go. You need to get rid of it, that fad is over, yaddi yaddi. You will never get work... People hate it... guys don’t wanna see it...”

“Let’s not beat around the bush,” Bianca Breeze adds, “their advice was wrong.”

“I love that more and more people love performers in an all natural style and I spend a lot of attention to make sure my bush is perfect,” Nexxxt Level star Edyn Blair says. “I dubbed it, ‘The Garden of Edyn.’”

“Bush is back baby,” Quasar said, “and the girls at Nexxxt Level Talent Agency make it look so sexy.”

Nexxxt Level Talent Agency is a boutique adult talent agency and management partnership created by Andre Madness and Jonathan Morgan, with a combined experience of 40 years in the adult industry.

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