Nick Manning Launches Line of Male-Enhancement Supplements

Nick Manning Launches Line of Male-Enhancement Supplements
Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Nick Manning Entertainment on Monday announced the launch of a dietary supplement division at

Nick Manning Entertainment CEO Daniel Gutierrez said the division is introducing three anti-aging and male enhancement supplements with the launch: CaveManning, ManningUp and MonsterManning.

Gutierrez said the veteran porn star Manning has been asked numerous times to divulge his male enhancement and anti-aging secrets. Known for his signature catch phrase "droppin' loads," he has racked up more than 2,000 sex scenes since starting his career in front of the camera.

“In 1997 three all-natural formulations were created specifically for Nick,” Gutierrez said. “Now is making these formulas available to men everywhere in order to bring out their inner Nick Manning. 

“For those who covet the results that Nick has achieved in his long and storied career, I strongly recommend that they begin Nick's supplementation and training regimen immediately. NME is confident that all men can ‘be the man she needs you to be.’”

Manning remarked, “In my life I have used myself as a human guinea pig, trying every supplement that I believed would make me a better athlete, man and porn star. 

“After years of personal experimentation I am convinced that CaveManning, ManningUp and MonsterManning are the most effective supplements I have ever taken with respect to male enhancement and anti-aging.”

The performer continued, “I have ingested nearly every other brand of male enhancement supplement, and there is no doubt that the formulations that I use are simply better.”

He said that many of the other high-profile supplements on the market “made me terribly ill after I tried each of them in virtually hundreds of sex scenes.”

“The supplements bearing my name are much more effective without all the terrible long-term side affects, and I have taken them thousands of times,” Manning added. “The results speak for themselves.”

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