Photographer Holly Randall Interviewed in 'Dive Photo Guide'

NEW YORK — Photographer Holly Randall is featured in an interview on

Randall, who is also a Playboy TV host, provided insight into her day job as a photographer and director with the website devoted to underwater photography.

“When I’m shooting, I see pieces of a puzzle which need to fit together to make the end product,” Randall said. “I see lighting which needs to be adjusted, and I see wardrobe which needs to flatter the model’s figure, but also make sense for the concept. I see poses which have to be tweaked, backgrounds which have to frame the image properly, and I see expressions which I need to coax out of the models.

"My focus on set is very narrow, darting all over set between different variables while I’m actually shooting. I don’t actually sit back and enjoy the end product until after I’ve finished the shoot.”