Layla Price Launches Line of Personal Pot Strains

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — The merging of porn and pot continues, with the announcement that adult performer Layla Price is introducing a branded line of custom marijuana strains, and planning new releases monthly.

Layla will be making an April 19 appearance at the Natural Cannabis Company to promote the launch of her new strains of marijuana and related products, in time for the annual “420” celebration on April 20.

“I will be coming out with my own strain each month, whether it would be an Indica, Sativa or a hybrid,” Layla explains. “The two I already have are ‘Pineapple Dream’ and ‘Booty Kush,’ which is in wax pen form [for vaporizors].”

In addition to these products, Layla is embracing the upsurge in demand for edible marijuana products by offering a blue raspberry flavored lollipop as well.

“I’m extremely happy to be partnering up with Natural Cannabis to distribute my line of products,” Layla concludes. “We share the same vision and idea about marijuana use. It is great for the body and the soul.”

Layla’s partnership with Natural Cannabis is just the latest example of adult entertainment industry members seeking greener pastures in today’s rapidly growing legal marijuana industry.

Recently, adult-friendly search engine launched tools for visitors seeking information on legal marijuana, while other adult operators have ventured out into the cannabis trade — such as WeedStore.Reviews, which updates the traditional adult paysite review model, and Bongholio, set to launch its 420-friendly resources later this month.

Natural Cannabis is located on 301 E. Todd Rd., in Santa Rosa, Calif.

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