Beyoncé Tops’s ‘One-Night Stand’ Survey

LOS ANGELES — Beyoncé not only won three Grammy Awards this year, but she’s also the runaway winner in a survey by that asked: “Which celebrity would you most like to have a one-night stand with on Valentine’s Day eve?” 

In the survey of 1,000 listeners Beyoncé captured 48 percent of their votes.  Scarlett Johansson got 21 percent, Halle Berry won 13 percent and Angelina Jolie got 10 percent.  The remaining 18 percent went to write-ins who included Michelle Obama and adult entertainment legend Christy Canyon.

In answer to other questions, male fans made it clear that there’s no need to spend money on them for Valentine’s Day — 56 percent said their preferred gift would be to have sex. Great food was second at 32 percent and something sports related was third at 12 percent.

As to where fans would most like to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, the number one choice is Hawaii with 32 percent of the votes.  The second most popular location is home with 23 percent, followed by somewhere in the Caribbean with 18 percent and next is a fancy restaurant with 10 percent. Least favored is a ski holiday with only 1 percent of the votes while 14 percent of voters couldn’t decide which location they would enjoy the most.

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