Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Interactive Kegel Exerciser

OSLO, Norway —  The women behind Norwegian design company Laid have introduced an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for LOOP, an interactive kegel exerciser that offers real-time results with an ergonomic design made for  woman.

LOOP allows users to do kegels with a smartphone app that seconds as a personal trainer for lady parts and transforms the traditional “sit-and-squeeze” technique into an affordable physical fitness system.

The creators said the product connects to any mobile device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE) via a free app that offers pre-programmed exercise routines and visual feedback that can be seen with every squeeze. The device contains a high-accuracy pressure sensor that detects even the slightest muscle movements and translate them into easy-to-read graphics with weekly progress reports.

Loop contains a 3-axis accelerometer that senses the slightest motions and lets users know whether they are accurately “lifting” the device with pelvic floor muscles.

“Pelvic floor health has become an oft-studied and explored topic among doctors, nurses and therapists for decades and now national health organizations worldwide recommend that women exercise their pelvic floor muscles every day — yet so many of us still don’t do it,” Laid co-founder Karianne Ellekrans said.

She added, “Our team wanted to create a kegel exerciser that would make it fun, easy and exciting to keep our pelvic floors in tip-top shape, and LOOP’s final design has been tested, reviewed and is ready for mass-manufacturing — but we currently can only afford to make a modest amount of units. With every Indiegogo pledge, we can increase our production numbers, speed up the process, and — most importantly — make LOOP one of the industry’s only interactive kegel fitness systems that women of all lifestyles can afford to buy and use every day.”