Axel Braun Captures Seven Nightmoves Awards, Inducted Into Hall of Fame

LOS ANGELES — Last Sunday was a triumphant night in Tampa, Fla., for director and 2015 XBIZ 360 Keynote speaker Axel Braun.

The NightMoves Awards Show started out with a bang for Braun, who was called up on stage to be inducted in the NightMoves Hall Of Fame.

“This is a surprise”, Braun said in his acceptance speech. “Getting this kind of recognition requires consistent hard work, and as a matter of fact in my 25 years in the industry I have never been this busy, but I always make time to fly down here even if just for a few hours. And that’s not only because NightMoves is the third oldest running Adult Awards Show in the country, but mostly because I want to show my support and respect to Paul and Tracy, who for the past 22 years have been spending their own money to put up a great show for all the fans, while giving performers an incredible opportunity to promote themselves.

"Being inducted in the NightMoves Hall Of Fame is a tremendous honor, and I am so very proud to accept it.” 

The awards continued with "Riley Goes Gonzo," Braun’s showcase movie, winner for Best All-Sex, followed by wins for two of Braun’s Wicked Fairy Tales: "Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody" won the Best Parody-Drama, and "Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Axel Braun Parody" took home the First Choice Award.

The evening continued with Braun sweeping the Best Parody-Superhero with "Captain America XXX: An Axel Braun Parody" and "Spider-Man XXX 2: An Axel Braun Parody" bringing home respectively the Fan Choice and Editor’s Choice awards, as well as "This Ain’t Start Trek XXX 3" winning in the Best Parody-Comedy category.

Before the night was over, Braun captured Best Director-Parody for the fifth consecutive year, while Braun’s two contract girls, Aiden Ashley and Riley Steele, both took home prizes, Aiden for Miss Congeniality, and Riley for Best Body.