Liberator Debuts 'Center Stage' Massage Platform

Lila Gray

ATLANTA — Liberator Inc., the manufacturer of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, today released a new item for retail called the Center Stage Massage Platform.

Liberator points out that while most adult retail stores carry massage oil, Magic Wands and other erotic massage accessories, the Center Stage provides a foundation for the gamut of activities, as well as support and positioning.

When placed on the edge of the bed, the four-inch-high platform makes the receiver easier to reach and prevents sinking into the bed during deep rub downs. A sales rep noted that it is particularly effective when dealing with memory foam mattresses.

The Center Stage also includes a positioning bolster, which can be placed under head, knees or hips for easier access and ergonomic angles. The bolster has a flat side for stability and a curved side to provide a movement. Along with the bolster, the Center Stage provides nine inches of height for easy reach and straddling.

For machine washing, the Center Stage includes a soft, removable cover, as well as an inner moisture-resistant liner.

“The Center Stage is a simple but revolutionary idea,” Liberator CEO and founder Louis Freedman said. “The support you get from this makes all the difference in positioning, and it takes foreplay to a whole new level. Whether the customer wants more out of their massage, or if they just like the theater it creates, there is something for everyone with this product.”

To replicate the professional massage experience even further, Liberator offers the Center Stage Face Cradle, which attaches to the side of the bed, with support bars fitting between a mattress and box springs. The adjustable headboard can line up with the Center Stage or bed to provide alignment along the spine and neck.

Friedman added, “The most exciting aspect of this product is the ability to define a new category in sexual wellness. Erotic massage is something customers are already enjoying — this gives them the means to do it better. It not only complements their foreplay, it provides them with the additional benefits that Liberator is known for, such as lift, angles and support from unstable mattresses.”

The Center Stage Massage Platform is currently available for retail in black, merlot and buckwheat. It has a MSRP of $230 and is vacuum compressed in erotic packaging, complete with assembly instructions and illustrations of sexual positions and techniques. The Center Stage Face Cradle has an MSRP of $189 and includes the memory foam pillow, support for the face cradle and setup instructions.