'Vandal & Swarm' Production Company Debuts

QUEBEC, Canada — A new Canadian-based production company, “Vandal & Swarm” has debuted.

The studio said it has already produced six full-length movies and more than 25 scenes. Among the tiles is ''3 Dudes Get Their Ass Attacked,” distributed by Pulse in the U.S, under “Cream HD.”

Quebec porn star Vandal Vyxen is the namesake of the company.

“Our team likes BDSM, fetishes and less common niches or, amateur or professional regular porn.

"So, from the sweet and soft girl/girl scene to hardcore and crazy DP gangbang with lots of deep throating and saliva, squirt, golden and roman showers without forgetting everything in between. We are constantly innovating, we even succeed to provoke, and we can't help but think outside the box,” the company said.